BAM Peloton Official Bunch Ride FAQ’s

This is our main bunch ride and is open to all, however we ask that you consider becoming a Pelotonian if you are to be a regular attendee.

I am a very experienced rider can I ride with the main bunch straight away?

Unless you have been bunch riding for a long time and you have a Pelotonian that can vouch for your abilities, we ask that you attend 1 or 2 of our Greenhorn rides! The reason for this is that some of our signals and the way we roll over may be different to other clubs.

How do I register for it?

Turn up at 6:15am on a Sunday, introduce yourself, fill out an info form and listen to the instructions of the ride leaders (tool talk). Also check out our Ride rules in the links below!

Who leads these rides?

We have dedicated vonunteer ride leaders for each bunch ride. Many of our regulars are on these rides too, so there are plenty of people to help and to answer your questions.

Where do we meet?

We meet every Sunday at 6:15am Mezze Bar & Café 16 Bellcast Rd, Rouse Hill NSW. The ride will commence at 6:30am.

When are these rides?

They are held every Sunday at 6.30am.

What do I have to bring?

Yourself, your bike, water bottle, a snack, tool kit and spare tube. Rear flashing light and a front light if its dark or in winter. Warm clothes like thermal, arm warmers, leg warmers and wind vest if you feel the cold. Please make sure your bike in in good working order.

What kind of bike do I need to have?

A road bike with drop handlebars is preferable to flat bars. No MTB or TT bikes (some exceptions can be made). The majority of riders use clipless pedals. You can do the ride without these, but be prepared to buy them and learn how to use them.

Where do we go?

All Sunday bunch rides will be a similar route and distance with variations, however at the discretion of the ride leader.

What do we do?

We will be focusing on good bunch ride formation, fitness and fun. During the ride the bunch, will practice rolling around every km or so.

Where do we end up?

Mezze Bar & Café, for the all important post ride coffee.

What time does it finish?

About 8.15am ish

How skilled do I have to be?

You are expected to be competent on your road bike and if you have clipless pedals that you can use them easily.

Do I have to join the group after?

No, we are not a club, we are a social cycling group. If you would like to become a regular participant, we do encourage you to support the BAM Peloton by joining as a Pelotonian . Become a Pelotonian Here!