BAM Peloton Greenhorn

Every Sunday morning Greenhorn (novice intro ride) Bunch ride and is open to all men over the age of 15. If you have been avoiding the bunch ride because you’re concerned you might not be able to keep up, you’re just getting inti cycling again, or you want to bring a mate along who are new to bunch riding, this is for you.

About the Ride:

  • Where we ride to:  Windsor Loop.
  • How Far & Fast: 30 to 40kms distance. Approx 26 kmph avg. We will be as fast as the slowest rider and it is a NO DROP RIDE.
  • Where does the ride start and finish:  Leaving Mezze Bar & Cafe 18 Bellcast Rd Rouse hill
  • When: 6:30am, be at Mezze at 6.15am for tool talk.
  • After? Meet up with the rest of the Guys for coffee after at Mezze Bar Cafe.

We will be focusing on good bunch ride formation, fitness and fun.

Remember to bring a drink to fuel the ride (not just plain water but mix it with an electrolyte) such as Powerade etc. You may also wish to bring a gel or two – you could use pitted dates, sultanas, or a banana if you’re not into gels.

One of our experienced riders will be your ride leader. Don’t forget to check out our Ride Rules below.

And feel free to bring a mate!

BAM Peloton Official Bunch Rides

Every week BAM Peloton runs our Sunday morning Bunch ride. These rides are open to more experienced riders. The Sunday bunch rides will include various routes and distance, this will be determined by the ride leaders. Average speed of the bunch will be between 30 and 32kph average for the total ride.

  • Where do we ride to: Various routes, this is at the discretion of the ride leader.
  • How Far & Fast: Average speed 30 to 32kph average, approx distance of 45 to 60kms for the total ride.
  • Where do we leave from: Mezze Bar & Cafe 18 Bellcast Road Rouse Hill.
  • When: 6:30am, be at Mezze at 6.15am for tool talk.
  • After: Meet up with the rest of the Guys for coffee after at Mezze Bar Cafe.

Visitors are always welcome as per the Bring a Mate mantra.  If you are bringing someone down to a ride for the first time, please consider their cycling ability beforehand to assess whether they are a good fit for the type of riding being done. Please introduce yourself or your mate to the ride leader at tool talk. If it is your or your mates first ride with the main bunch we suggest you remain at the rear of the peloton and not rotate through as to give yourself time to get used to the structure. If you are considering coming along please ensure you or your mate have read the Code of conduct and Ride rules (links below).

On occasion some adhoc rides can be classed as “BAM Peloton Official Bunch ride”. If this is the case the above rules are in place for the ride.
All other rides that maybe posted by members of the BAM Peloton Facebook group are not official BAM Peloton rides and information about these rides must be directed to those posting the ride.

Please be aware you are riding at your own risk.

Third Party and/or Comprehensive insurance is not required to participate on our rides, however is encouraged for the following reasons.

Cycling is a physically demanding sport carrying with it considerable risk of danger and injury to yourselves and others as well as bikes and kit etc.

BAM Peloton is about building Relationships and protecting that culture is our prime focus. As such we encourage participants to cover themselves to avoid damaging relationships through disputes.