BAM Peloton

BAM Pleoton - The threee amigosThe Bring A Mate Peloton is all about helping men build quality, healthy relationships with other blokes who share similar interests, in this case cycling. We all need mates to encourage us to be a better friend, husband, dad, colleague, employee or boss.

Bring A Mate encourages men to spend time with other blokes. Involving mates in your life is critical to your mental and spiritual well-being, through the good times and the bad. The BAM Peloton is a cycling group for Men.

Bring A Mate is about encouraging men to overcome shyness, tiredness and the fear of what others think, and instead focus on establishing and building great relationships with other men in your world. This takes time, so remembering to Bring A Mate to share in whatever you’re doing will make it easier to fit in with your lifestyle and family / work / community commitments.

Our group is built on the principles of acceptance, respect and mateship along with good fun and good cycling practices.

Look after your mates as your mates look after you

Bring A Mate

If you would like to find out more about out Bring A Mate project, click the logo above to check out the website.

BAM Peloton Strava

As we all know, if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen! The BAM Peloton has a Club page on Strava where you can compare yourself to your mates. To Join click the logo above.


Most of our regular rides and information sharing, gear talk and general banter happens on our BAM Peloton Facebook page.
BAM MIA Peloton Facebook GroupJoin us via clicking on the logo above.

BAM Peloton Greenhorn Rides

The BAM Peloton runs an introductory ride every Sunday morning, click the logo above for details.