What kind of bike do I need to have to participate?

A road bike with drop handlebars is preferable to flat bars. No MTB or TT bikes (some exceptions can be made). The majority of riders use clipless pedals. You can do the ride without these, but be prepared to buy them and learn how to use them.

How far do you ride?

Depending on which group you are in.

Greenhorn (novice) approx. 30-40kms depending on rider level.

Main Bunch 40 – 60kms.

How fast do you ride?

Depending on your Group.

Greenhorn (novice) approx. 26kmph

Main Bunch approx. 30 – 34kmph depending on route. **The main bunch may split at the half way point into a fast and slower group.**

Can I bring a visitor on a ride?

Yes!!! this group is all about inclusion and Bring A Mate is our core message.

Can women ride with the bunch?

The Bring A Mate Peloton exists to provide a positive environment where men who share a common interest in cycling come to develop quality relationships’. As such this group is for men over the age or 15 years. If you are a woman who is interested in bunch riding you may wish to try one of the local cycling clubs who have mixed rides available.

Can children ride with the group

You must over the age of 15years to ride in this group.

How old do you need to be to ride with this bunch?

You must be over the age of 15years to ride in this group.

Do I need Insurance or Membership to a Cycling governing body?

Memberships to governing bodies, Third Party or Comprehensive insurance is not required to participate on our rides, however is Insurance is encouraged for the following reasons.

Cycling is a physically demanding sport carrying with it considerable risk of danger and injury to yourselves and others as well as bikes and kit etc.

BAM Peloton is about building Relationships and protecting that culture is our prime focus. As such we encourage participants to cover themselves so that they avoid damaging relationships through disputes.

Please be aware you are riding at your own risk at all times.