Join the BAM Peloton
Becoming a Pelotonian

Our Pelotonians are men who want to support the growth of the Bring A Mate culture in their local communities. You can do this by joining our Pelotonian alumni which contributes to the BAM Peloton’s success, via a small annual subscription fee. All the proceeds of which go towards supporting the BAM cause and upholding the processes & principles that create the inclusive environment we all enjoy.

Why do I have to pay to Join?

The BAM Peloton is a Bring A Mate interest group project run by Men In Action (MIA). We are a not for profit organization focused on encouraging men to build lasting & positive friendships with other great men.

Some of our funding for the BAM project comes from individuals, local businesses & small government grants. Running the Bring A Mate & the Peloton takes significant funding each year (covering our insurances, websites & training). All our leaders and workers are volunteers.

Pelotonians are guys that enjoy and care about the culture of the BAM Peloton and want to help more guys enjoy it too.

Who can become a Pelotonian?
You must be a Male over the age of 15, an individual (not a company, organization or business).

How do I become a Pelotonian?

Follow the Join Now links on this page. Pay your $35 subscription for 12 month period from the point of purchase.

Benefits for the Pelotonian

  • Opportunity to support the Bring A Mate program and its operational costs.
  • Access to the Official Pelotonian Facebook & Strava groups.
  • Access to all BAM official rides:
    • This means you are able to ride with any of the group rides that are available both official organised rides and adhoc alike.
  • Access to BAM Peloton KIT and accessories to purchase.
  • News letters, special offers.
  • In the running for the THE BAM CUP!
  • Group entry to events, e.g. Bobbin Head Classic, Sydney to Gong, Bathurst to Blaney.
  • Invitation to attend the BAM Peloton Christmas party.
  • Full support of the Ride leadership.
  • Opportunities to train as a ride leader.

Responsibilities of the Pelotonian

  • Respect, uphold and adhere to the BAM Peloton rules, Code Of Conduct and Membership requirements:
    • This is what this group is about “mates looking after mates”.
  • Provide full support of Ride leaders & Steering committee.
  • Respect all Pelotonians and Greenhorns alike.
  • Bring mates along.
  • Attend, contribute and enjoy.

*Please note that to be a Pelotonian does not provide you with voting rights, however you should feel free to put forward your views and ideas to the BAM Peloton Steering committee for consideration.