The Bring A Mate project is all about exactly what the name suggests. We are looking to encourage men to develop positive relationships through doing something as simple as bringing a mate to what ever you might be doing. Whether that is heading to the coffee shop, going for a walk, sitting and enjoying time in the man cave or perhaps a more organised activity like golf , playing the xbox, and of cause Cycling.

The BAM CUP is designed to recognize individuals within the BAM Peloton that have displayed commitment to  “doing” the above. However its a bit more than this……..

The annual winner of the BAM CUP is nominated by the other Pelotonians in the BAM Peloton. Each Pelotonian that nominates a mate has to also give a brief description of why this person deserves to win. Many of the comments back are that the Pelotonians are around some of the more cultural elements that the nominees display.

Below are some examples of what Pelotonians said about their nominees.

“To me he has even temper, tolerant nature and the genuine care he shows for his mates embodies what BAM is about. He is quick to help and slow to judge, if a rider drops off its usually him hanging with them and encouraging them. He’s a genuine Mate and thoroughly decent fellow.”

“Other than being a top bloke, he came back from his injury with a great attitude.”

The BAM Peloton is all about creating a great culture where great mateships can flourish.

To coin a phrase from one of our Leaders “we are just a bunch of great mates with a cycling problem”

We take nominees through the months of November and December each year with the winner announced new years eve.

Congratulations to our current winner and hold of the BAM CUP Daniel Stattman.


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